Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oh how time flies!

I am as of tonight 31 1/2 weeks! Where has the time gone. The last 31 weeks have flown by. Well the first 12 weeks were brutal but after the sickness was over time has flown. I have officially gained 20 lbs. Not too bad but still very funny to watch. At my last appointment the sweet nurse tried to keep the big notch on the 100 lb mark and I just laughed and told her that I crossed that bridge the last time I was in and that she needed to go ahead and go to the 150 mark!! She was sweet to say that I didn't look it. I am sure that she tells all the preggies that!!!
Baby Jagger moves all the time. He doesn't move a lot at night while I sleep or if he does I can't tell. He does move alot when I am still though. He is actually move like crazy as I type this!!
It is amazing how much my body has changed. The other night I was trying to roll over and actually got stuck in the position that I was in and Brian had to help me roll over. Oh to be a normal size again. The pregnancy really has been such a blessing in so many ways but I can't wait for him to get here. I get more and more excited when I think about him. He reminds me that he is there often. Every once in a while I will feel an elbow here or a foot there. I haven't seen it as much as I feel it. I will catch him moving around and my belly makes some weird shapes. The first time that Brian saw it his eyes just lit up and he had the cutest look on his face. He is very excited about Jagger coming!
Here are a couple of new shots of me and Jag! Oh I added one of Brian and me too.