Friday, September 28, 2007

28 Weeks- WOW

I am offically in my third trimester. This pregnancy has really flown by for the most part. Of course at first it felt like it was creeping by because of the sickness but now I feel like I need to put on the brakes a litte. I am getting very excited though about him being here. So much has been going on that I haven't had the time to stop and really think about him, but now I have started to think more about what it will be like when he is here and I am so excited! There is still alot to be done before he gets here but then again isn't that always the case.
Here is a shot of me at 28 weeks. He is a large baby and he is moving alot and now he has managed to make his way around to the right side of my body and if I lay a certain way he kicks me in the hip bone! NICE! He is very active during the day but usually pretty still when I sleep, I think anyway. I am grateful for that. I definilty can feel the weight that I have put on because I just can't move the way I use to or fit into small spaces like before. It happens often for me to get stuck in a place that I use to be able fit through.
Well that is all for now. I have my next appointment in 2 weeks so I will report back on that!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Quick Update

I have not been as good at posting as I thought that I would be!! Lots going on I guess. I had a doctors appointment on Sept. 14 and everything is still going well. Praise the Lord. My size is right where it should be for what week I am in and the baby's heart beat is very strong. I was tested for diabetes and I don't have it which was a relief to me for some reason. I guess you just never know what could happen. I can't believe that the baby will be here in around 13 weeks. o much to do before then. I think that Brian and I finally decided on what bedding to get him. That was an ordeal!!!! I wanted "sweet" and he wanted something masculine. It was funny to see how different our taste is. Needless to say Brian told me that I needed to change my"sweet" mindset because he is a boy. We finally found something that we both liked!! That was a miracle!!
OH I guess I could mention too that we decided a name!!!
Jagger Marshall Richardson!! We think with a name like that he can be an athlete or a rock star and not need to change his name! Marshall is after my sweet dad and my grand dad!