Friday, December 12, 2008


ok we are alive!! I know it has been a while. Even our neighbors across the street have gotten onto me about not posting!!! My life I have decided is just boring or really busy, I can't decide!! SO what has been going on?
Well our child turned 1 yesterday. Happy Birthday Sweetness!! The party is tomorrow so we will post pics from that. My little bow business that I started has really taken off. I have also gotten into a little sewing. Pillowcase dresses and aprons for now! Next year we will set up a booth at the DZ craft show! Well...maybe we will! We were all over North Alabama for Thanksgiving. It was a great weekend. I was very thankful to be able to spend it with my family opposed to last year we were in Orlando and I was so far along pregnant to travel. ok well that is all for now because Jagger just threw up because he was eating paper..... Oh dear!

Happy Birthday Precious!

The boys having a snack

Jagger is his new car seat! thanks JPop and Le-Le

My dearest friend Christy got married!!

Cam "helping" Jagger