Friday, February 27, 2009

What do you think.....

I know that the new look is plain but I am starting a new, simpler way of thinking. I am trying to be a little sharper, a little "cleaner". Brian didn't like it. He asked if this was the temporary look until I get the new look up! aaa! Bust. I told him no. He thought that I needed something more. I want to put a pic at the top but they are always huge!! How do I reduce the size so that I can put it up there? help me anyone.

Also today will kick off my new "Friday Funny" It will be a pic or a story that I think is amusing, which I MUST warn you, won't always be funny to you I am sure. Brian gets a kick out of the fact that sometimes I think things are so funny that I can't even get them out of my mouth without laughing so hard and usually they aren't that funny!!!

Today will also start my new attempt to proof read!! Your welcome Brian. No promises though!!!

Friday Funny!!!!!

This one is pretty funny! I was sitting at the dinning room table and Jagg was in the kitchen and I hear this little "clang clang" sound and I turned around to find this.........

he actually pulled the dishwasher door down and climbed up. So before I made him get down, I grabbed the camera!!! haha!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

A thought for Thursday

My thought..... I am about to go CRAZY!!! I have been in the house since Sunday afternoon with the exception of going to Walmart on Monday and going out for 1 hour on Tuesday night with my neighbor for coffee. Other then that I have been home bound with a sick kiddo. Well today is the day. I am going out sick baby in tow!! :) Well he is feeling much better I think. In fact I laid him down b/c I thought he was tired and I hear him in the saying "No daddy" and singing "Tooty Ta" (look that up, it's a cute kids song). It is suppose to be pretty today so I think that we will run out Bridgestreet and get my sister something for her birthday. One more fun thing about being back in Bama is that I get to celebrate birthday's with my family.
oh also, I always love to post with a pic and since any pics that would go along with this post would be snotty and not pleasing to the eyes I thought I would post some pics that my neighbor took while out playing the yard a few weeks ago. which ALSO brings me to my first link She is my sweet neighbor who took the pics. She is AWESOME! thanks again Erin.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New and Improved or.... BUST!!!

OK so I have gone back and forth about letting this lame blog dwindle! I was going to put it and myself out of our misery but I got motivated and decided that I would give it another shot. The problem is my life is pretty boring but maybe this will be my outlet. We will see. So here is my new shot! I am going to get out of this post so that I can change the layout too!