Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Long Lean Model

Today I took Jagger for his 4 month check up and the dreaded shots. When we got there he was already a little fussy because he didn't get a morning nap because we went to see my aunt before the appointment. By the time I go to the check in area and waited (after a lady cut in front of me when I turned around to deal with Jagg) he was screaming like crazy. A drug rep that was there was even looking around the corner to see why he was screaming! Anyway we finally got back in the room and we was great. Here are his stats: Head size- 30 percentile, weight -14lbs 22 percentile, length- 26 inches 91 percentile!!! Hilarious! I asked if that was OK him being skinny and long and the nurse told me it is like having the " Long Lean Model instead of the Short Chunky one". I am not surprised because Brian is so tall and I am so lean! JK
The doctor did say this has nothing to do with how he will be in the future. After all the measuring then the shots. He started getting a little fussy before they came back with the shots. They gave him a little sugar water, THEN....... wham-o!!! 3 shots! YIKES! He was ticked and stayed ticked for a while. I finally got him calmed down and he fell fast asleep and has been asleep now for 2 hours! Bless him. He was so mad. It was the first time, that my knees felt week and I was really upset because he was hurting. Well the circumcision was a scary thing too but this time he actually looked at me and cried. My heart broke and I was reminded of how in love I am with him.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Here is some video footage from the first rice cereal feeding!! FUNNY!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Shame on me!

I have not posted in so long! Little Jagger keeps me busy that is for sure. Nothing too exciting going on. I spent my first birthday in Huntsville in years. It was a lot of fun. My family had a party for me. The highlight was sitting on my dad's lap as he sang Happy Birthday to me!! The words were a little different but the tune was there!!! ha ha.

Jagger continues to grow like a little weed. He is really starting to show some personality that is for sure. He loves to be scared. It is so funny. I jump out in front of him and say "boo" and he laughs so hard!!! He has also discovered his thumb which he sucks often. It is good because it is always there when he wants to suck but it is bad because when he gets older it will always be there. Oh well, I guess I will have to get a part time job to pay for braces.
Jagger also had his first rice cereal feeding. It went really well. By the third time I fed it to him he ate it up!

I have posted a few new pics of him. I am thinking about venturing into the world of photography! We will see. Right now I have to prove to Brian and myself that I am serious about it.
Sweet Little Feet

jumping in the Sassy Seat!
Yum! Rice cereal.