Friday, December 12, 2008


ok we are alive!! I know it has been a while. Even our neighbors across the street have gotten onto me about not posting!!! My life I have decided is just boring or really busy, I can't decide!! SO what has been going on?
Well our child turned 1 yesterday. Happy Birthday Sweetness!! The party is tomorrow so we will post pics from that. My little bow business that I started has really taken off. I have also gotten into a little sewing. Pillowcase dresses and aprons for now! Next year we will set up a booth at the DZ craft show! Well...maybe we will! We were all over North Alabama for Thanksgiving. It was a great weekend. I was very thankful to be able to spend it with my family opposed to last year we were in Orlando and I was so far along pregnant to travel. ok well that is all for now because Jagger just threw up because he was eating paper..... Oh dear!

Happy Birthday Precious!

The boys having a snack

Jagger is his new car seat! thanks JPop and Le-Le

My dearest friend Christy got married!!

Cam "helping" Jagger

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween...what a scream!

What a fun Halloween we had. We had a little impromptu party and invited my parents over and my sister and her in-laws over. We ate a little dinner and did a little trick or treating. It was all fun and games until a scary masked scared the you know what out of my precious niece! Bless her hear, I have never heard her scream quite like that. It was fun but Jaggs wasn't into the trick or treating like I was for him. I think it was more about me showing off how cute he was! We were invited into one person's house so that they could all see little Yoda and Princess Leia!

In my opinion they were the cutest but I will let you make your own!!

Even Manny was in the spirit!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

UNA Homecoming 2008 = SO FUN!!

Brian and I went over to Florence for UNA's Homecoming on Saturday. It was SO MUCH FUN!! We had not been to a Homecoming since we graduated so this was just one more added bonus on living back in Alabama. We got to see so many friends that we hadn't seen in years. A lot of great faces that we have really missed.

Frat Bros!

Sorority Sisters!

Another bonus was that we got to see Brian's parents for a little while. Jagger got to spend the night with them. Ken (Paw-Paw) came and got Jagger at the game and took him home and he, Bev and Delaney watched him while Brian and I stayed and hung out!

Jagger, Mimmey, Paw-Paw and Aunt DD!
Paw-Paw and Jaggs

Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's been a while

Sorry it has been a while since I have updated. We have had a lot going on. Here is a run down. We moved into a rental house in Blossomwood which I am really thankful for. It is a little old house but we have GREAT neighbors that we have really hit it off with. The girl that lives right next door is mu age and has a little boy that is 2 weeks younger then Jagger and a little girl that is 3. The ones across the street have a 7month old little boy and a 2 year little girl. We all have a great time getting together. On a bad note we have had some bad luck. We got a phone call from our realtor in Orlando that someone stole our A/C unit, then we had a toilet that ran for a ling time or something and got hit with a $460 water bill!!! Then we have had some other random things happen!! However ever one is healthy and doing well. The lord will provide for that other stuff.
Oh yeah and Jagger is defiantly walking. This last week has been crazy. He takes about 6 to 7 steps and then lunges for me!! he is doing really good. Once he gets the confidence to do it he is going to be GONE-ZO!!!!

Here are some pics of the little man. they are not of anything specific. just some random pics.
Just Playing with Cam!!!
Little Man

Jagg and his daddy

Jagg and his Mommy
Jagger and his friend Clayton

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wild Man

Too cute not to share. This is bath time this morning!!

War Eagle

Well I guess War Eagle!! If you watched the game you know that both AU and State looked like the Bad News Bears out there last night!! Brian and I watched the game last night and I tell you what it was a mess. the score.... 3 to 2!!! What is that!! haha! Oh well a W is a W!!!

Family shot with our Auburn gear on!

War Eagle
Go Tigers!

Even Manny got into the spirit!

And then Manny was over it!
This is how jagger felt because
of all the turnovers in the game.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Nine Months Day to you!!!

My precious baby boy in 9 months old today. I can't believe that he is already 9 months. I was driving home today and I was looking at him in the back seat asleep and thought to myself "this is the best job I have ever had." I started thinking about all the jobs that I have had over the years and though this is the hardest it is absolutely without a doubt my favorite. I mean I get to be with my son all day. It is hard and gets tiring. And sometimes I would love to take a "lunch break" but it is so great and I am so thankful that I get to stay home with him. Thank you Lord for providing a job for Brian that allows me to stay home and thank you to Brian for working so hard so that I can be home and raise our son.

Happy 9 months day to you Jagger!! I love you son!! :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Quick update...

We took Jagger to the Orthopedist on Monday to check his foot and he said that it was fine. the doctor said that he was probably in the womb with his legs crossed and it was just use to being like that and it will grow so much that he felt certain that it should straighten out. We also went for his weekly PT visit and they said that everything that we are doing at home is working!!! YEAH!! It made me feel good that our work at home is paying off.
Here are some just random pics, I hate to post without pics.

This may be my favorite pic ever!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Really enjoying the time in Bama

So I have really began enjoying my time back here in Bama. It was a hard move to make but the Lord has really honored us being here. I have been able to see old friends that I haven't seen in years.

I went o Birmingham this past weekend and visited with a dear friend that I haven't seen since her oldest boy (Jackson) was a week old. He is now and 6 years old and she has a total of 5 BOYS now including 8 week old twins!!! Mandy Maddox Smith and I went to UNA together and she and I were in sorority together and her husband and Brian were fraternity brothers. I got to visit with her on Friday. She is unbelievable!! Her boys are 6,4,2 and 8 week old twins and she HOME SCHOOLS!!! YOU are my hero Mandy!!! :)
It was fun times. Here is a pick with us and our boys minus her 2 year old, he was napping :(

Holding one of the twins, I can't remember which one.

My reason for going to Bham was to attend a shower for my dear friend, Christy. She and I lived together before Brian and I got married. She was in law school with Brian and we had a BLAST living together. I am so happy that she is getting married. Chris is a lucky man!!! It was so fun to see her and spend time with her. She actually came over Saturday afternoon before the shower so that she could meet Jagger. He and I were staying with Brian's aunt. Christy and I just sat and talked and caught up. It was so great to be with her again after so many years of not seeing each other. I can't wait for her wedding. I know that it is going to be so precious!!!

Aunt Christy and Jagg

Christy and her hilarious head gear!!! :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First for EVERYTHING.....

Jagger ate his first piece of dog food yesterday. I knew that it would happen sooner or later. I noticed a piece on the floor when he was crawling by it but he didn't see it and I thought to myself "oh good, I need to get that before he eats it". Well of course I have a thousand things on my mind so I forget about it. About 30 minutes later I was standing in the kitchen and here he comes crawling in to find me but I hear him stop. So I looked around the corner and the dog food is GONE and Jaggs has a terrible look on his face. I picked him up, did a sweep in his mouth but it was too late. He had already swallowed it. I figured if he didn't choke on it no need to worry plus it may make his coat shiny!! Mother of the year!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just some pics for you!

Cam and Jagg riding in J-Pop's wheelchair
Cam teaching Jagg how to jump in the crib
Aww sweet hugs
Bathtime Fun!

Visit with Old Friends!!

Jagger and I made a trip to Nashville so that we could spend time with our Mini-Z! it was fun to hang out with her and spend time do nothing....well my normal which now consists of chasing Jagg around but we had no agenda so that was nice.

Little Janice Joplin

Another friend from college that lives in Nashville came by to see us too! thanks Leah

Leah teaching Jaggs how to tickle the ivories!!