Tuesday, August 28, 2007

23 Weeks!

Here is the side shot at 23 weeks! It keeps getting bigger and bigger. I wake up some mornings and I promise he has grown over night. I am not too uncomfortable as of now. I often think that I am smaller then I really am and get myself stuck in small places. He still moves constantly which is so great. It will be weird when he gets here and I won't feel him anymore. I guess then I will HEAR him. It is scary to think that we only have around 17 more weeks and he will be here. So much to do before he is born. It is going to be a whirlwind. I hope that he is ready to be born into a wild family! :) I am sure he will adjust just fine.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Pics of the Little Angel at 21 weeks!!!

We had another ultrasound on Monday August 13. It was simply amazing to see our little angel!! It really is the coolest thing. There is no way that you can't believe in God when you experience something like this. Brian got to see him more then me but to watch Brian's face light up was just as fun as seeing the baby. The tech said that Cletus was such a good baby and that she wished that all of her babies were as easy as him. I pray he stays that way when he gets here!! He was easy to take pictures of, I guess he gets that from me!!(JK) She did ask me my due date and I told her it was December 22, she said her machine calculated it as being December 14 because of his size. YIKES!!! I had just told Brian that morning that I had a feeling that he was going to be a large baby. I wake up some mornings and I feel like I grew overnight!! Brian was a little over 9lbs and I was 8lbs 1oz so I don't think that Cletus is going to be that petite!
He moves all the time. The other day I was sitting eating lunch and he kicked me so hard it made me jump!! I guess he doesn't like Portabella mushrooms!!! I attached a few new pics of him. We still have not picked out a name for him. His middle name will be Marshall after my dad's middle name and my granddad's first name. So for now he is still Cletus!!! Hopefully by December he will have a first name.

Profile with his hand upover his head.
I think that he looks like Manny in this one,
the way that he has
his chin poked out! Brian's doesn't agree!

This is a 3D shot! The tech said he is so sweet. He really is!

Here he is with his little hands. You can even see his knuckles.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Mover and a Shaker

So as of today I am 20 weeks. Half way there!!! WOO-WHO!! Well- Other then the terrible morning sickness for the first 8 weeks it really is not that bad. My body is changing for sure. I am starting to get uncomfortable these days as things are growing and moving around. Overall I feel great. I am so grateful! I am very excited about this little angel and can't wait until he gets here. There is a lot to do before then though. I am very thankful that the Lord has kept him safe as I have been so mentally and emotionally exhausted with all this stuff with my dad. The Lord is my joy and I am reminded of Him everyday when this little booger moves, which brings me to the title of this post. I felt him move for the first time on July 4 and he has not stopped since. Now I can feel him when I put my hand on my stomach. He is VERY active. Just last night he balled up on one side of my stomach and I could see him over on that side. IT was so great. Brian was asleep so I couldn't share it with him. Anyway, this little guy is high energy!!! It still doesn't seem real until I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I see my belly!!!!

Here is me and the bump at 18 weeks. (hence the sign!!)