Monday, July 28, 2008

Playing with Manny and toys

Jagger is such a big boy! He is sitting up on his own and just playing so much. Brian's cousin Millie gave us 2 bags of toys and he has been in heaven ever since. He will grab a toy and then knock the other toys around with that one. He is such a boy. He loves playing with Manny. Manny is very patient with him too. He get s a little tired of it but when he does he just moves away from Jagger. It's good for him. It keeps him young!

We think that Jagg- Man said "Da-Da" for the first time the other day. IT definitly sounds like Da-Da to Brian!!

Sitting up playing like a big boy! You think he likes the camera???

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fun week

Last week Brian and I watched his little sister Delaney. she is 9 years old and full of energy and life. We brought her home with us on Sunday night. Monday we swam, made a pizza, she played with Jagger and entertained him for me. We colored, and hung out and watched T.V. On Tuesday we went to the park and met my sister and her family there. Delaney and Camryn played on the playground and then we went to the mall. Delaney did the little bungee jump thing in the food court. She had a GREAT time doing that. I took her home to Muscle Shoals on Wednesday but not before we rode horses and swam a little more. We went over to Muscle Shoals and Jagger and I spent the night with Brian's parents. That was nice because they watched Jagger and I met an old friend for dinner. We rode around Florence a little and talked about old times. On Thursday we went over to Brian's cousin's house and had a great time. It was good for my soul to be with Millie and Becky Lynn. They are so great and we laughed all afternoon. They then talked me in to spending the night again and hanging out so we did. Finally Jagger and I came home on Friday afternoon. He was worn out. We put him to bed at 7:30 Friday night and he slept straight through until 8:30 Saturday morning!!! That was a change from him waking at 5:30 Friday morning!! It was a great week. I feel very refreshed. Jagger got to spend some time with Ken and Bev (Mime and Paw-Paw). He loves them. He would just sit int he recliner with Ken and just chill! He enjoyed Bev too because she talks to him so sweet and he just sits and watches her! It is precious.

Making pizza.....Driving a golf cart....

playing at the park..

Bungee jumping....

hanging with PawPaw...

and Mime....

Hanging with Millie and Avery...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Swimming Fun

So I think that my child may be a genius!! Just Kidding but for real he is pretty smart. My Uncle Lance loves for Jagger to get in the pool so he put him in today. I was holding him and my uncle started slapping the water with his hands and then he looked over at Jagger. Jagger looked down at the water and started to slap the water. My uncle did it again and Jagger did it. Every time my uncle did it Jagger would do it!! We thought it was funny! Maybe he isn't the next Albert Einstein but not to bad for a 7 month old!!!

Here are a few pics of after the pool.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Diaper Comparison

I just bought a package of the cruiser diapers and I think that I was in a little bit of shock when they fit Jaggs. I knew that the size twos were getting a little small but I never imagined that the size threes would fit!!! So I grabbed a few old diapers that I didn't use and compared them. I can't believe that Jagger use to fit in the newborn diapers and not only that but they were big on him!!! He is getting so big.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Concert in the Park

Last night we went downtown to Big Spring Park and went to the concert in the park. It is a thing that they have been doing every Monday night for the summer. It was such a pretty day yesterday that I just couldn't resist. We went and grabbed some dinner and threw out a couple of blankets and listen to the tunes! I think that Jagger had a good time being out side. We sat with some of our friends and their little boy that is Jaggs age. It was nice to be out and spend time as a family together. It is crazy that we are able to start doing that!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Beach, a Tooth, and a special anniversary

As everyone can tell I am horrible at blogging! The whole reason that I started this was so that our family could follow along with the pregnancy and everything else, well we are now living closer and getting to live life with our families BUT we still have our O town peeps we are missing like crazy so I am going to try to get better. My family got to go to the beach the week before the 4th. It was great except that Brian didn't get to go. That was sad but we had a good time. We had my dad (in a wheelchair), my stepmom, step brother and his friend, my sister, her husband, her 2 year old, Jagger and me!!! It was a sight to see us coming. Wheelchairs and highchairs everwhere! It was an odd looking group but it was our group and we had a great time. We took dad to the Flora Bama on the last night. He and I got out there and danced. It was great. What made it really great was that on the 3rd of July was the 1 year anniversary of the stroke. We never dreamed that a year later we would be at the beach with him. Thank you Lord for the gift!!! On our way home from the beach I was letting Jaggs suck on my finger and I felt a little sharp something and I looked and there was a tooth!!! I had no idea he was even cutting it. He was so great. He never fussed, ran a fever or anything. No he is already on his second tooth! It has now reached the surface. I can't believe my baby has a tooth. In other news: our house in Orlando is still for sale. We are praying daily that the Lord with bring along a buyer that will love the house as much as we did. Please join us in praying!!!! The pool house is still great but it will be nice to get a place of our own!!!

Dad the Sun Bunny!