Saturday, July 2, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

They stare at me..

It's the same thing every morning. I get up and eat first thing because my stomach burns. Then it is pill time! i have to take these pills. You know it is the norm... Prenatal vitamins and a few extra. I decided along with the doctor, that I should bump up my vitamins because I am a little older carrying this baby then I was with Jagg. not that much older but about 4 years and let me tell you, I can tell a difference so far! Anyway I digress as I do with these pills. I get them out of the bottle, I set them down and we have a stare down.

All I think to do with them is this....

Ugh I hate these things but I'm thankful to HAVE to take them!
And for your pleasure!

And after this whole post I still haven't' taken them!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

well here it is....It's all I have

It's going to be short and sweet. It will be thoughts, it will be stories. It will be from me about us. It is the resurrection of this baby for real this time

Speaking of baby... We are having another one. I'm elated! I forgot how miserable my body feels at first! Digestion, smells, queasiness, It's still early. 6 weeks in fact. I'll take it though!!! Here is our journey! Please enjoy.

A few pictures. They are random but I thought I needed to give you something.

EC and Jagg!!! Besties!

Cam and Jagg! cousins Fo LIFE!

Jagg and his DeeDee!

Friday, May 27, 2011

I've got a new attitude!!

I have now decided that I am not only going to blog about Jagger but I think that I will start adding my thoughts and feelings!! It's a new attitude. I have a lot to say about life, well my life anyway.

I am at the first time in a while VERY content with my life which as everyone knows means something is going to happen!! hah. Well maybe not. I fell at peace with most areas of my life. My job is going well, I just celebrated my 1 year anniversary there. Jagger is getting past the horrific 3's. Really wasn't sure I was going to survive that one. Brian's biz is picking up a tad. Things are just even for now. The thought and talk about another baby has been happening. There are all kinds of thoughts on that one. On one hand it is nice having Jagger self sufficient but on the other hand he NEEDS a sibling to play with and lean that life is not all about him!!! Only child syndrome has seriously kicked in with him. He talks alot about having a sibling. I kind of have baby fever too!! Well now that that is out there I feel better. it is nice to get that off my chest.

Well as I say that Jagger is more self sufficient he is bugging me to come play so....... gotta go!!
Here are a few pics to tie you over!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm doing it!

I'm doing this for real this time! My last attempt to revive my blog! This is it! I figure with m iPad I might be able to do it regularly!

To start off the revival I will brag about Jagger! I put him to bed last night with undies on. I was tired of buying pull ups and decided that he needed to learn to get up at night to use the potty. I was prepared. New sheet by the door, new undies and jammies. I woke up to him in the bathroom at 1:30 using the potty then he woke at 9:00 dry as a bone! Not sure which was more pumped about the dry night or the late sleeping!!

Way to go jagg! Mom is so proud!