Friday, February 29, 2008

Latest and Greatest

We dont' have alot going on right now. Brian sat for the Alabama Bar this week. We won't find out until April 25 if he passed. Now like usual we sit and wait. Our life has been a waiting game for almost a year now!! Jagg and I are settling into our routine. He is getting SO BIG!! I can't believe how huge he is. We go to dad's on Tuesday's and Thursday's. It is sweet time for all of us. Dad loves to see Jagger. It is cool that Jagg gets to spend so much time with his "J-Pop". We are enjoying being in alabama. It was such a sudden move that we weren't sure how it would be but the Lord has been good to us as usual. we are closer to Brian's family too which is great too. Jagg will get to grow up with both sets if his grandparents close to him. Well that is really all for now. I am about to go get Jagg and feed him!! It's the new me!!! I am really loving!! :)

Tummy Time

J-Pop and Jagg
Such a mess!
Little Cheeser