Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Trip to the Beach, Cousins and Mother's Day

As usual I haven't posted in a while. I am going to get better. I promise! We took our first trip to the beach with Jagger-Man. It was a great trip. He did so good in the car. We first went to Pensacola because Brian had a class to take so we took advantage of that and visited Brian's sister Melissa and family. It was so great to see them all. She has 3 boys if her own and they were into Jaggs until they realized that he is not that much fun for them at this point. They sat still long enough to snap a few pics and they were done-zo with that!! Melissa on the other hand really didn't want to give him back to us. I think she wanted to keep him for a while! I was thinking about it but realized that I would probably miss him too much!!! :)

The next day we headed to the beach and stayed at my grandparents condo. We never actually made it to the beach just to the pool which was good enough for us. The first day we got up and I fed Jagger, got his suit on him, lathered up with sun screen, got myself ready, blew up the float, packed our bag and got to the pool, we put him in the water and then 15 minutes later he was ready for his nap!!! AWESOME! We did go back a little later and he loved the water. It was a little cool but he still seemed to love it. I think he may be a little water baby! He did really well down there and actually took 3 hour naps. I guess he was relaxing and enjoying our little vacation.

We came back home on Saturday night before Mother's Day. Unfortunately we got caught in Birmingham by all the storms and tornado's so we ended up having to get a hotel room in Fultondale. It was a long weekend but we had a good time. We got home on Mother's Day and had a big shrimp boil with all the shrimp that we brought back from the beach. We had a great time and it was a fun first Mother's Day for me! It was especially nice being with my family and it was the first Mother's Day I actually got to spend with my step mom which was really great. Here are some pics from the weekend!!!

Jagger and Aunt Lissa
Little Man loving the water
Getting ready for the sun in his little tiny swim trunks!
First Mother's Day
Catchin' some rays!