Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just some pics for you!

Cam and Jagg riding in J-Pop's wheelchair
Cam teaching Jagg how to jump in the crib
Aww sweet hugs
Bathtime Fun!

Visit with Old Friends!!

Jagger and I made a trip to Nashville so that we could spend time with our Mini-Z! it was fun to hang out with her and spend time do nothing....well my normal which now consists of chasing Jagg around but we had no agenda so that was nice.

Little Janice Joplin

Another friend from college that lives in Nashville came by to see us too! thanks Leah

Leah teaching Jaggs how to tickle the ivories!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Physical Therapy for the Jaggster

Brian and I took Jagger to his evaluation today for physical therapy for his neck and they want to start seeing him once a week for a month. We were given some stretches to do with him but they are a little difficult due to the fact that he is so active!! We go back on Friday to see an OT and to follow up on today. They want the OT to look at his eyes and make sure that he is tracking correctly. They also want to look at his foot and possibly send us to a Orthopedic doc because his right foot turns out quite a bit. He did so good at the visit but I tell you what when it was over he had had it!! He was so tired and I think that his neck may have been a little sore from the stretching. Anyway I will update later on what Friday is like. I thought it was rather ironic because this week is the last week that I take my dad to Athens for PT and speech for the year. I next week I start to take Jagg!! No rest for the weary!! haha!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Pulling up.....

Jagger makes it look so easy a caveman can do it!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

UNA and an old friend

I went over to Muscle Shoals/Florence on Friday despite not feeling well because a good friend of mine, Luke Retherford, who now lives in Florida, was in town. he and I have been friends for 9 years and have always stayed in touch despite moving and everything else life has brought. He and I met at Pier 1 where we were both managers. It was the summer before he started UNA and he ended up pledging the same frat that Brian is in. He also transferred to Alabama a year before I moved to Tuscaloosa so we have always been close in distance to each other. Anyway jaggs and I went over to see him and his mom. It was FUN TIMES. we went over to the campus and played around a little.

This is the fountain that Brian
asked me to marry him!!
Now look what we have at the fountain!

Lion Food


We were scared!

In the SUB
"Let me in, I want a pizza!!!!"
Checking my mail
(I still have nightmares I forget my combination!!!)
Uncle Luke and Jaggs

Luke's sweet momma Sherri and Jaggs

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Little mover!

Jaggs is definitely pulling up and trying to "get after it"!!!

After (it was not that hard of a blow!!)


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What a DAY!!!!!

Where do I start! Ok so Jagger has not been sleeping the last 3 nights and that is just not like him. The first night I just thought it was an off night, the next night I started to think something may be up and called the doctor. They said that it may be an ear infection and I could come in if I wanted but I told her I would wait and see how that night went, well it was AWFUL!! Bless his heart he just laid in his bed and cried and moaned. I woke up this morning and called the doctor first thing. They said "can you come in at 8:30", I said "PUT US DOWN!!" I went without a shower and barely any make-up thinking that I would be in and out!!! ha ha I am so cute!!!
Well we get there and they check him out and said he has a mild or the beginning of an ear infection in one ear. The other ear looked great. So she wrote me our prescription and just as I thought we were on our way out the door the doctor comes back in and says that she was to do some x-rays of his neck. He has always favored one side more then the other. The doc in Orlando said that is how he developed in the womb. As he has gotten older it has gotten better but she still noticed it. So she first tested his eyes to make sure that it wasn't his eyes. Meaning one being stronger then the other so he would tilt his head to over compensate. That test came back fine. So off we went for x-rays. Well 2 hours later (3 hours including the doctors visit) we were still waiting for the results which they told me that I would be in and out!! I finally told the lady I had to go and they could call with the results. Well I went to get his meds filled and meet Brian for lunch and they called and said they needed us to come back. They hadn't gotten a good enough picture. I almost passed out!! Not really but I told Brian that I felt like crying!! I forgot to mention that I am sick as well and b/c Jaggs hasn't slept in 3 days neither have I!!
So back to the Imaging Center we go. They got us back there immediately and as soon as we were done the lady told me to wait right were I was she was getting a doc to look at them right then!! The results came back negative. They were looking for abnormalities in the neck and spine but all of that is fine, however, Jagger will have to have physical therapy!! AN 8 MONTH OLD!!! that is going to be a sight right there!! Wish us luck!!
After all of that we finally got home and I thought that Jaggs would be so tired so I tried to lay him down and about 5 minutes later I heard him making noises and this is what I find.....

Before nap, I thought he was asleep. This is so new for him!!
He is usually asleep within minutes of being put down!!

This is about 15 minutes later!
Notice he uses his bumper for a pillow!

After the nap! I hear him laughing!

He is definitely pulling up which the doctor was so impressed and said that is usually a 9 month old thing!! He may have a bad neck but he is advancing!! :) She was also very glad that he has gone this long without an ear infection. I felt terrible but she thinks that it is great!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Photo shoot with Cam!!

Well we didn't have a photo shoot but I took some pics of Camryn (my niece) and thought that they looked pretty good. She is so cute and so big!

Birthday party for dad!

I know that I mentioned that dad had his birthday last week but we had a party for him on Sunday. It was so fun. It was a great change from last year! It was fun times for everyone and I think that dad enjoyed it!!

Blow those candles out before you
burn something down!! JK Dad!!
Signature pose!! He loves it!
His girls! We would do anything for him!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I am so grateful for this day!

Today is my dad's 54th birthday. As most of you know, we almost lost him last July and it has been a crazy year. Dad spent his last birthday in the hospital so this year is a special year. He wanted to go out to eat tonight with JUST my step mom, no one else!! He is so romantic! We are throwing him a bash on Sunday. It is a big day to celebrate. Thank you Lord for another year with my sweet dad!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jaggs on the move!

I was in the kitchen on Saturday (Brian and my 5 year anniversary by the way!!) piddling around, and I turn around to get something out of the fridge and there is Jaggs!!! He is a moving man. Brian was in the living room and watched him pull himself into the kitchen. He doesn't get his legs underneath him yet but he does a good job at pulling himself where he wants to go. Once he figures it out he is going to be GONE!! I will have a hard time keeping up I am afraid. He is a man on a mission!!!
He is also pulling himself up as of today!

Also please keep praying that our house in Orlando sells. It is a great house at a GREAT price but the market is so bad there that it is hard. We know that the Lord will provide though!!