Monday, June 27, 2011

They stare at me..

It's the same thing every morning. I get up and eat first thing because my stomach burns. Then it is pill time! i have to take these pills. You know it is the norm... Prenatal vitamins and a few extra. I decided along with the doctor, that I should bump up my vitamins because I am a little older carrying this baby then I was with Jagg. not that much older but about 4 years and let me tell you, I can tell a difference so far! Anyway I digress as I do with these pills. I get them out of the bottle, I set them down and we have a stare down.

All I think to do with them is this....

Ugh I hate these things but I'm thankful to HAVE to take them!
And for your pleasure!

And after this whole post I still haven't' taken them!


Anonymous said...

Take you pills, you crazy lady!! Log the picture of your little stinker!

The Downs family said...

I remember our many conversations about those dreaded things with jag & ave...thankfully they were no biggie with the barrett! Makes me think it's another boy for you!! ;-)