Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm doing it!

I'm doing this for real this time! My last attempt to revive my blog! This is it! I figure with m iPad I might be able to do it regularly!

To start off the revival I will brag about Jagger! I put him to bed last night with undies on. I was tired of buying pull ups and decided that he needed to learn to get up at night to use the potty. I was prepared. New sheet by the door, new undies and jammies. I woke up to him in the bathroom at 1:30 using the potty then he woke at 9:00 dry as a bone! Not sure which was more pumped about the dry night or the late sleeping!!

Way to go jagg! Mom is so proud!


Mom of 3 said...

woohoo--for blogging, a dry boy and 9am--wow! don't think my kids have ever slept that late! hope you all are doing well : )

The Muncies said...

i'll believe it when i see it! :) glad i have you on google reader -- i would have quit checking loonnggg ago!